Human Capital Development

Investing in Our People

The company aspires to attract and retain the best talent, develop and nurture a highly engaged and capable workforce to become an efficient and empowered organisation, as this is critical for PGB to remain relevant. To ensure our employees have the right skills and capabilities toexecute their roles efficiently and effectively, we provide continous Leadership and Capability Development Programmes to enhance their professional and personal development.

1. Talent Capability

As at December 2016, we had 2,117 employees at 15 locations. The number was less than the total of 2,187 at end 2015 due to a new empowered and efficient organisational structure implemented effective 1 January 2017, as well as business needs.

2. Accelerating Culture Change (ACC) for PGB Leaders

 To support our 3ZERO100 Transformation, 31 managers attended the Accelerating Culture Change (ACC) programme, designed to enhance their competencies to Drive Direction and Lead Change, as well as Innovation and Interpersonal Effectiveness. The two-day programme adopted PETRONAS' leadership tools as well as its Culture Beliefs to provide clarity of required leadership and accountability as a foundation of change efforts.

3. Enhanced Building Leaders Programme (BLP)

We further enhanced the BLP which serves to develop leadership qualities in talents from the senior executive level to managers. We were more selective in the selection of participants, adopting PETRONAS' Employee Potential (EP) criteria, and reinforced the content to lend further support to our 3ZERO100 Transformation. The participants will undergo a two-year customised Leadership Programme. The 30 talents selected for the enhanced BLP are still undergoing training while 122 past graduates have assumed various leadership roles in PGB and PETRONAS.

4. Grievance Management

In addressing grievances among staff, we have adopted PETRONAS’ Grievance Management Policies and Procedures where staff can express their grievances in an official manner and ensure that proper and fair treatment were given to them. For minor grievances, the cases will be managed at departmental level and may escalate up to PETRONAS level should it is still not resolved.


5. Employee Engagement

We engage frequently with our employees through various activities and provide open platforms on which we share common interests and work together to address any differences. The higher level engagement sessions have managed to drive change and accelerate our transformation through common understanding of the Company's strategy.

6. Formal Sessions

• Majlis Sekalung Budi held at the PETRONAS Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Segamat, Johor and Kertih, Terengganu

• 36 HR engagement sessions with staff

• Quarterly briefing sessions with the Trade Union Rep 

7. Informal Sessions

We engage with employees – from non-executives to Leadership Team – in informal settings to further enhance working relationships, engender a feeling of belonging, and strengthen our team spirit. New activities were introduced to keep high interest level and these include the Super Heroes League, a monthly game session held at our Head Office during lunch breaks. Other informal sessions include board and miniature games as well as puzzles. In order to encourage our staff to be fit and healthy, we organised a two-month PGB Biggest Body Transformation programme, under which twice weekly fitness-related activities were held, such as aerobics and circuit training classes. These were conducted by three PGB staff who are certified fitness trainers. Participants' baseline data such as body weight, body fat and body measurements were recorded at the initial and final weeks of the challenge. At the end of the programme, three participants each from the male and female categories, were named as winners based on the approved judging criteria.

8. Local Hiring

We provide employment opportunities to individuals both domestically and internationally to spur socio-economic growth while supporting capability development efforts. Our local hiring practices are guided by regulatory requirements in area of our operations and grounded on the principle of meritocracy. Targeted initiatives are pursued to groom local talents' technical skills and knowledge as part of effective talent development talent retention. (source).

Code of Conduct and Business Ethics (COBE)

PGB is guided by PETRONAS' COBE (read more)


Human Resource Policy Enhancements

In 2016, PETRONAS made enhnacements to the Human Resource Policy to empower and support our employee's work-life balance needs and proferences. These include:

  • Three months fully paid maternity leave
  • Five days paternity leave, an increase from 3 days
  • Compressed Work Week (CWW) and 'Flexible Working Hours' work arranegments approved by Board for pilot implementation in the first half of 2017. The flexibility allows employees to customise and optimise thair 39 working hours per week.

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