Gas Processing

Our gas processing plants process upstream natural gas from offshore Peninsular Malaysia for consumption of customers in the power generation sector as well as various industries such as petrochemicals.


These operations are conducted at six plants that are divided into two complexes in the state of Terengganu namely Gas Processing Kertih (GPK) and Gas Processing Santong (GPS). With a combined capacity of over 2,000 million standard cubic feet per day (mmscfd) of feedgas, our plants have the capability to process and produce salesgas, ethane, propane and butane.


To ensure customer satisfaction, we aspire to continuously provide maximum service reliability through operational excellence. In 2018, Gas Processing achieved its best performance in five years, with 100% product delivery reliability for sales gas, propane and butane. The operational reliability for sales gas averaged 99.98%, propane 99.1%, ethane 99.7% and butane 99.1%, while on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) metrics, this segment also recorded a commendable records of 99.8% for sales gas, 99.3% for ethane, 98.7% for both propane and butane.